One Step at a Time: Resources for the Busty Woman and Tips for Everyone Who Wears a Bra | Part 1

One Step at a Time: When I Complain About My Boobs, It's Not a Humble Brag

Trust me. It’s not. If you want to hear my side of the story, feel free to click right along and check it out! :)

One Step at a Time: Exercise Can Be Really Scary. No, Really. | Exercise Part 3

Yes, it’s extremely late. Yes, you’ve probably forgotten I ever wrote about exercise. But I did finish up my little mini series and it would be nice if you would read it. It basically just talks about exercise, and my thoughts, and how it can be scary. :)

One Step at a Time: What I Liked About July

So it’s time for another Monthly Favourites. Feel like finding out what’s been on my mind this month? Well look no further, here they are! :)

Inspired By: Fifa World Cup. Looking forward to the final, as is my mother, who’s nails are pictured. :) More on the blog.

One Step at a Time: What I Liked About June

In which we discover I did more than just watch TV this month. Instead, I painted my nails and got a new phone. Oh and I did watch some TV, of course